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Dani Bryant
The Urbaness


Gender Breakdown

"Created by Dani Bryant and directed by Erica Vannon, [Gender Breakdown] is a funny, poignant and enraging exploration of size-ism, racism and sexism in the theater, and how these “isms” are deployed against women who have the nerve to try to break the boxes of stereotyping. In all, the cast succeeds mightily on two fronts: The call for change is loud, clear, unapologetic and needed. It is also a marvelous piece of theater."
--Catey Sullivan, Chicago Sun-Times, Gender Breakdown at Collaboraction

"In the wake of recent political changes, I’ve seen plenty of shows advertised as the ones we need “now more than ever,” but after spending an evening with the cast and crew, GENDER BREAKDOWN would be my first pick."
Brynn Frauenhoffer, PerformInk

"Gender on stage or, what do 'Breakdown' and 'Men are from Mars' have in common?": Chicago Tribune

"Yes, women are still getting screwed in Chicago theaters"; Chicago Reader

American Theater Magazine      Medill Reports Chicago

Spanx You Very Much
"While the tone set by many plays was rather humorous, they all held powerful underlying critics of society. Whether it be from the riotously and righteously feminist Spanx You Very Much, each sketch forced you to think about social issues in its own unique way."
-Chicago Stage Standard

"Dani Bryant’s play speaks to every audience member, young and old, singing the praises of resisting peer pressure and the dictates of social media and following one’s own ambitions, goals and dreams."-Chicago Theater Review
" really sunk in just how much everyone can learn from a show like this, not just kids. Graber, Bryant, and cast show an innate ability to match deep seeded societal issues like sexism and forced gender roles with a world that children can understand and relate to."- Chicago Stage Standard
"The story is touching from the get-go..." -Chicago Reader (Highly Reccomended)
This play is a great example of not having to care so much about what other people think. Sometimes it is hard to be a tween and know your way around the internet and not have your feelings hurt, and I think this play understood that."                                  
-Ada Grey 10 year old Chicago Theater reviewer


Diets Are A Girl's Best Friend
"...cagey writing, savvy performances, and outrageous staging...this promenade-style experiment turns out to be an ineffable marvel. The production is rich with humor and sacrilege..." -Justin Hayford (Reader)
"In the ensemble-devised Diets Are a Girl’s Best Friend, 16 women share their “highlights and lowlights” at the weekly meeting of a diet support group; their occasionally surreal anecdotes are amusing and moving." -Kris Vire (Time Out)

The Last Meal Man
"... Bryant writes with compassion and demonstrates a keen eye for the telling detail. She capitalizes on the ritualistic aspect of mealtime and the power certain foods have to transport us back to childhood, recognizing, for instance, the heart-piercing poignancy in a desire to leave this world with a bellyful of Dr. Pepper and German chocolate cake." Zac Thomson (Chicago Reader)
"Last Meal Man" is a "most compelling" (Chicago Tribune) "powerful" (TimeOut Chicago), "frightful and fascinating" (NewCity) "festival highlight"(The Reader)

"In Kitchen, Bryant herself plays a single woman whose daily food routine starts with a precisely apportioned breakfast, ends with midnight bingeing, and movingly conveys all her good intentions, longing, and desperation...Bryant cuts to the quick"
-(Chicago Reader) 

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