In addition to my work as a Drama Therapist and Mental Health Counselor, I am available for various freelance collaborations. 

Creative Administrative Support 

Panel & Talk Back Moderator

Arts Education/Teaching Artist Training

Devised Theater Coaching & Consulting


Tailored Trainings & Workshops



Program Development




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Past & Ongoing

  • Collective Impact

  • Gender Parity in the Arts

  • Gender Diversity in the Workplace

  • Leadership

  • Self-Advocacy

  • Food & Body Politics

  • Alliship

  • Teamwork & Ensemble

  • Story of Self

  • Arts Education & Arts Integration

  • How to Give Critical Feedback

  • Professional Development for Teaching Artists

  • Professional Development for Schools and Classroom Teachers

  • Devising a Play with Community

  • Development and Implimentation of Pre/Post Show Discussions & Workshops

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Workshops, Classes & Panels

  • White Pines Productions, Philadelphia

  • Arts In Action, Philadelphia

  • Renegade Theater, Philadelphia

  • Ingenuity, Inc., Chicago

  • Adventure Stage Chicago

  • SUNY Purchase Performing Arts Center, NY

  • Rivendell Theater, Chicago

  • Collaboraction, Chicago

  • Dream Big, Chicago

  • Chicago Danzetheater

  • Depaul University, Chicago

  • Chicago Academy of the Arts

  • Victory Gardens Theater, Chicago

  • The One-Minute Play Festival, New York City

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Dinner & Discussion

I'm a firm believer that gathering around a table is the quickest (and most delicious) way to build community.

Past dinner forums have included​ the following themes:

  • Feminists Who Lunch: Feminsim & the Dieting Industry

  • Diets Are a Girls Best Friend

  • Gender & The Body 

  • Conversations of Choice​

  • Shapewear & Us​

  • Female Identified Theater Artists​: Whats Working and What's Not

  • Gender Parity on Chicago stages​

  • What does it mean to be an Ally?



"Dani Bryant has an ability to create an environment where people feel safe and supported, in which they can do their best work. One of her great strengths is collating/synthesizing ideas and finding the mutual points of intersection, while still honoring each collaborator's contributions. 

Brian Bell

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"Dani maintains a positive, friendly atmosphere while facilitating in a clear and concise manner.  Dani is a good listener and values cultivating positive relationships with whomever she is working with. Dani sets up a workshop in a way that feels welcoming to participants and feels friendly and conversational, even as work is getting done."

Anne McNamee-Keels


"Dani’s willingness to listen and intellectual curiosity makes her workshops effective and engaging. As a facilitator she is thoughtful, trustworthy, and always follows through on the goal at hand. But even more importantly, she’s a fantastic collaborator who knows when to listen and when to speak."

Sarah Rose Graber