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Starry Sky

Hi there, I'm Dani.


Leading with lived experience means I aim to bring my full self into the work. I live in a fat body. I have ADHD. I have been through the many phases and stages of the body liberation journey. It was messy as hell. But so so very worth it.

As are you.

When I was 22, I had a therapist (Hi Anita!) look me in the face after I did not do my therapy homework for the 36th week in a row and say, "You have a lot to be angry about, don't you?" God, I loved her. But in that moment I was so very frustrated, because back then my anger was scary, foreign & uncontrolled. And in those olden times, I believed control was the safest, most necessary and only option. 


The slow and steady unlearning was painful, confusing, essential and transformative. What was on the other side was (surprise!) NOT control, perfectionism, or a life-time of accommodating my body and my identity to what society told me was safe, lovable, right. Through the muck, the yuck, and the hard truths were many steps (some baby and some giant) towards freedom, joy, and authenticity. 

Doing this unlearning work is extremely hard. There is never a right time or right way. Whatever you do and wherever you start is enough.


I believe in the power of taking hold of our past, present and future narratives (WE HAVE A LOT TO BE ANGRY ABOUT!) and reclaiming what feels true for you now---knowing it can and will keep evolving.

In the biz of therapy, my style is "eclectic!" and ebbs and flows depending on your needs.


Our work will:

  • Always be rooted in an anti-oppressive, liberation frameworks.

  • Be guided by the central truth that you are the expert of you.

  • Include relational & narrative therapy frameworks, inner child and parts work,laughter, creativity, playfulness and slowly working our way in to that tough deep stuff.

  • Honor yoas a breaker of cycles and intergenerational patterns. You are choosing something different--something new. High five, you.


Starry Sky

Drama Therapy

"Drama therapy is the intentional and systematic use of drama and theatre processes to achieve psychological growth and change. The tools are derived from theater, the goals rooted in psychotherapy."

My background as a theater maker and artist informs my work as a therapist. In past chapters of my life I was a performer, playwright, and theater director--creating plays about bodies, eating disorder recovery, community and identity. 


As a trained Drama Therapist, I continue explore the many ways my creative identity intersects with my work as a therapist. 

  • I consult on creative industries and projects working to tell authentic stories about eating disorders, ADHD identity and fat liberation.

  • I collaborate as a drama therapist with Recovery Through Performance​--a therapeutic theater company. 

  • I teach and facilitate workshops, training and classes on group therapy, drama therapy, eating disorders, body and fat liberation and ADHD idenity.

Shooting Star

Credentials & Training

  • Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (NEW YORK STATE )

  • Registered Drama Therapist (NADTA) 



  • Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Molloy College

  • Theater ​& ​Performance Education

    • The Hartt School of Theater

    • The University of North Carolina School of the Arts 

Passions & Research 

  • Building community for folks seeking fat liberation support

  • Fat provider collaboration and community

  • Supporting and expanding support for folks with co-occurring ADHD and eating disorders

  • Championing the treatment of eating disorders via embodied and experiential Drama Therapy interventions

  • Facilitating conversations and awareness on harmful and prevalent anti-fat bias prevalent:

    • in the professional theater community

    • in eating disorder treatment 

    • in theater training programs

    • in the media, television and film.

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