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Dark Ocean

I believe therapy can be a space for collective and internal healing. In my practice, I offer both group and one-on-one sessions.


Often, folks find ways to survive in unsafe environments, such as our family of origin, diet and wellness culture, or environments of abuse or trauma.


It makes sense that you may have developed disordered patterns with food, movement, and your body as a way to keep yourself safe.


I deeply believe that with compassionate understanding, you can identify where these safety patterns began and why.


If we can learn them, we can also unlearn them and learn something new.

My therapy practice is currently full at this time. While I do have a waitlist--estimated wait is 8-12 months.

See my contact page for referrals and more information. For other professional connection, please email

Starry Sky

Body & Fat

The aim is freedom and ease and MUCH more brain space.


Together we can dig in and define the philosophy of YOUR body liberation.


Rooted first and foremost in lived experience, needs and boundaries, I will hold space while offering a gentle nudge away from placing the blame on you or your body and, instead, taking the systems (Diet culture! Patriarchy! Capitalism!) a bit more to task. 


Eating Disorder Recovery

I am deeply committed to helping you experience a eating disorder recovery journey that is grounded in liberation frameworks.


I believe exploring relational and developmental trauma, marginalization, and systems of body  oppression are essential to recovery.


The echoes of your recovery will be far and wide.


Healing your relationship with food and your body breaks inter-generational cycles and pushes back against outdated structures trying to keep us small.

Black Sky

Artists &

Ah, creative brains and career paths! While I hold the belief that everyone can be creative, I know that you have devoted yourself and sacrificed so much to stay true to what brings you the most meaning in your art making.

Whether you need space to talk eating disorder recovery or body liberation as a performer or maker or you are thinking of shifting gears and taking a big leap, I'm always down to help.

Dark Ocean


Newly diagnosed? Perhaps 30+ and just starting to understand the depth of how your ADHD has affected...well... EVERYTHING?

Are you wanting to better understand the intersection of eating disorders, body image and ADHD?

Wherever you are in your winding path, I'll be there to process and offer ideas and practical tools to try, try again, and well, keep trying (because...ADHD!).

Social justice, cultural humility and anti-oppression work are core to my values as a therapist & community member.


My therapy practice is currently full--check back in the future or reach out to be put on the waitlist + 

Please bring anything you want into the work! The space and time is all yours. Here are some common areas of focus:


  • Fat Liberation/Body Liberation 

  • Body Image

  • Eating Disorder Recovery

  • ADHD Identity & Support

  • Career Idenity & Burnout​

  • Life ​Leaps or Transitions

  • Family Dynamics

  • Relationship Dynamics

  • Trauma Work & C-PTSD

  • Dating, Sex and Intimacy

  • Moving through ​L​oss​ & Grief​


Stay tuned for the next round of Take Space.

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