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Popular Presentations

  • Expanding & Embracing  Neurodivergent Brains in Body Liberation Spaces

  • Moving Towards Liberation: An exploration of weight bias in the field of Mental Health

  • Practicing a More Honest Embodiment: Confronting body oppression and anti-fatness in the field of drama therapy

  • Adding Body Liberation & Health at Every Size® to the Drama Therapists’ Toolbox

  • Fat Collaboration: Helping Clients Heal Through Shared Lived Experience

  • Liberating Constraints--a 5 part virtual workshop series exploring ADHD through the lens of identity, community and lived experience

Mental Health Coordination
Creative Industries

My background in the professional arts and my experience as a drama therapist and clinical mental health counselor have gifted me a unique skillset in supporting creative industries in evolving towards more safe, ethical, honest and inclusive practices on set, stage and beyond.


Together we can collaborate and strategize on how to tell your story and carry through your vision while thoughtfully and intentionally taking steps to care for the performers, audience and other members of the creative team.

Collaboration and consultation might include:

  • Supportive feedback on mental health best practices and policies 

  • A review of artistic content related to mental health topics and themes--while keeping artistic integrity, accuracy and ethical considerations in mind.

  • Support of performers and creative talent during pre and post production (1:1 or Group).

  • On-going site/set support for all creative team members.

Recent Project:

"The Cost of Beauty"(Dove/Unilever)

Mental Health Coordinator/Consultant and On-set  Support for Young People, Families and Team


Mentorship, Supervision

Are you looking to bring more fat liberation or ADHD understanding into your work as a therapist or healer?


Are you a grad student feeling isolated within your cohort and want more support to learn about eating disorders, HAES® philosophies, Body Liberation, Drama Therapy or working with folks with ADHD?

I am always happy to connect with folks looking to build community with another aligned provider! 

Body and size justice should be essential in our training. If you need more support, you are not alone, I'll help guide you to community, answer questions and dig into what you are most passionate about.

Reach out to learn how we could work together.


Equity Pricing Structure utilized.

Get in touch!
email is best



  • Dove USA/Canada 

  • Ogilvy, UK/Canada

  • Genuine Casting, NYC

  • Edelman, USA/Canada

  • The Body Griever's Club with Bri Campos

  • Helping Hands Psychotherapy

  • The Recovery Collective 

  • BALANCE eating disorder treatment center

  • Collaboraction Theater Company


  • Recovery Through Performance

  • Creative Arts Therapy Program/CMHC, Antioch University   

  • CMHC Program, Molloy University

  • NYU Drama Therapy Program

  • North American Drama Therapy Association

  • Northwestern University 

  • Victory Gardens Theater

  • SUNY Purchase University

  • Bright Invention

  • Musicares Foundation

  • The Codependent Perfectionist Podcast

  • Full and Thriving: An Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast

  • The Body Image with Bri Podcast

  • Return to Wholeness Podcast

Lunar Eclipse

Academic & Media Articles

  • ARTS & PSYCHOTHERAPY: "Drama therapy and the treatment of eating disorders: Advancing towards clinical guidelines"

  • ARTS & PSYCHOTHERAPY: "Aphasia Park: A Pilot Study Using The CoActive Therapeutic Theater Model with clients in Aphasia recovery

  • WELL & GOOD: "Every Body Is a Beach Body, but Here’s What To Do if Swimsuit Stress Still Hurts" by Kasandra Brabaw 

  • BUSTLE: "How To Deal With A Partner Who Body Shames You" by Lexi Links​

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