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Starry Sky

Expand into your most authentic self juicy step at a time.

I see you! Look at you! Ready to do that therapeutic work and expand into the next chapter of your life. I think this chapter is gonna be a really good one.


This might be the chapter where we sit together in the possibility that your body is okay just as it is, right now. This very second.


You were never too much and always enough. I am so, so sorry if anyone made you feel otherwise. 

I reject that therapy is about "fixing or solving." That might be how we got here in the first place. Ya'll ain't broken--never were. Nothing about your body that needs fixing---nope!


And I'm not here to help you manage and adapt to oppressive systems. I think we can find another way...


Our work together will be affirming, supportive, fun, and funny. But also hard, sometimes. Because this shit is hard. I'll be right here in it with you. 


I'm So Glad That You're Here!

I'm Dani Bryant (she/her)--queer neurodivergent therapist, fat babe, body liberationist.​

A few ways I show up in the world:

  • Fat Positive & Body Liberation Provider

  • Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

  • Registered Drama Therapist

  • Social Practice Artist & Community Builder

  • Playwright & Forever Theater Kid 

  • Cat Mama to Baby Edith +

I am super duper passionate about collaborating with folks working to unlearn all the bullshit (YOU KNOW THE KIND I MEAN) that was (and probably still is...?) projected onto your body, relationship with food, identity, worth, value, and all the rest.

Come on over to my side of town +

Read more about me & the work +

Shooting Star

More specifics on what & with whom?
You got it.


The aim is freedom and ease and MUCH more brain space.


Together we can dig in and define the philosophy of YOUR body liberation.


Rooted first and foremost in lived experience, needs and boundaries, I will hold space while offering a gentle nudge away from placing the blame on you or your body and, instead, taking the systems (Diet culture! Patriarchy! Capitalism!) a bit more to task. 

Artists &

Ah, creative brains and career paths! While I hold the belief that everyone can be creative, I know that you have devoted yourself and sacrificed so much to stay true to what brings you the most meaning in your art making.

Whether you need space to talk eating disorder recovery or body liberation as a performer or maker or you are thinking of shifting gears and taking a big leap, I'm always down to help.


Newly diagnosed? Perhaps 30+ and just starting to understand the depth of how your ADHD has affected...well...EVERYTHING?

Are you wanting to better understand the intersection of eating disorders, body image and ADHD?

Wherever you are in your winding path, I'll be there to process and offer ideas and practical tools to try, try again, and well, keep trying (because...ADHD!)


Some Love

"Dani finds the balance of creative, dynamic, and compassionate while gently pushing you to do your best work."

Lets Connect!

Hey there. My therapy practice is currently full at this time. However, I do have a waitlist! Reach out to be added and I'll also pass along some resources for other folks who may be a good fit.

Dani Bryant, MS, LMHC, RDT

Email is the best way to be in touch:

I gotchya! I'll be in touch soon to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation.

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